When too much $ wipes the smile of your face

I was recently riding the surf of the internet, click by click which ‘naturally’ led me to a gossip website. An article compared Kim Kardashian ‘then and now’.

Years ago Kim demonstrated a huge beaming smile showing pleasurable desperation to each paparazzi and opportunity. Kim had a TV show and a brand to promote. She was willing to work those cameras and the products grew and grew.

Screen shot 2014-10-12 at 20.37.09Screen shot 2014-10-12 at 20.56.40Screen shot 2014-10-12 at 21.21.41 .





There were many fantasies to advertise. The $$$$ grin and those $$$$ pearl white teeth were essential bling of the glamorous and aspirational world she represented. (Notice those slim hips below.) kim-kardashian-quicktrim-ad

Then there came the time when ‘things’ began to change.

In the gaze of the world, with an internationally viral relationship, ideas that a designer baby should be dressed in strictly coordinated designer clothes, that the Papps must get a certain quality of photo, that it was possible to control what the camera sees and therefore what the world sees.

Here comes the tipping point where money gives you opportunity, choice, control, influence and then… too much money wipes the smile off your face.

Kym may not have ‘time to smile’,  botox may have frozen her features and direction from Kanye may ‘influence’ her clothes, walk and demeanor. Screen shot 2014-10-12 at 20.59.20

But I also suspect she has gone too far down the C-hole of fame. Much like Victoria Beckham who has crafted her style without smile, this level of super-stardom is not a laughing matter.

This level requires extreme control, manipulation; you want the big money cards in your hands.

Kims’ recent style includes body modification, a dancehall booty, intensely designed dresses that constrict, tight around the neck, appear mechanical, designed by computer technology. Some of the dresses look like an artistic expression of body surgery, slashes from neck to vulva.

kim-kardashian-charlotte-tilbury-nordstrom__oPt GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014 - Londonkim-kardashian-booty-in-bikini-5-600x725 .





Would Frida Kahlo be amused?

Frida discovered body modification by a freak and tragic accident, it transformed her medical studies into a life of an artist. One of the most significant painters to describe pain from a female perspective.

Frida required control and discipline in order to paint each day, to keep on living. Fashion typically borrows from any space and time without reverence, so seeing echoes of bandage dresses, body scaffolds combined with a lack of glee is a perfect echo of Kahlos’ legacy.

kim & FRIDAkim & frida 2


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