This is a warning.

“Britain To be Smashed By Hurricane Gonzales” – Express Headline

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 15.19.53As my family prepared for a snug night of sleep on Monday, my teenage child saw the above headline… and freaked!

Whilst it was true that storms were heading to the UK and we would face strong winds. It was probable that bins would fly, than tree branches would snap, that anything not pinned down would be swept unceremoniously away. Thus some chaos, transport delays and a few freak injuries would occur.

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 15.29.23

As the hurricane had been downgraded day by day, it was not probable that we would see the kind of damage than Hurricane Gonzales had inflicted in Bermuda, where Gonzales caused flooding, knocked down power lines and damaged buildings, including the island’s main hospital.

Terrified islanders sheltered in darkness from Gonzalo as power was cut to some 31,200 homes, accounting for most of the island’s 64,900 residents, Bermuda’s Royal Gazette said in a report. Wind speeds of up to 175km/h (110mph) were reported, making it the strongest storm to hit the British overseas territory in a decade.

BBC News

Gonzalo has already wrought destruction in the Caribbean, tearing off roofs in Antigua, killing an elderly sailor and damaging some three dozen vessels in St. Maarten.

The wild winds that are currently hitting Britain are balmy, disruptive and officially not a hurricane but a storm. The hurricane had been downgraded. Despite this The Express reported;

And worryingly, forecasters said there were signs today that the former force-1 hurricane was showing signs of GETTING STRONGER again.

Fear-mongering! This is not an information service but a demonstration in creating deep seated fear. So this is a warning against red top headlines, particularly The Express.

This is why the UK Independence Party are press darlings, supposedly capturing the public imagination and speaking for the fears of many?

This is why we vote for our fears, as my friend says “let’s vote for crap Labour, better than the so much crappier Tories” rather than voting for what we want (a fairer world, a society with opportunities for all etc etc).

Papers like the Express will continue to screw and distort our perspectives, denying us a true vision. But we know this right? Right?


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