Hit Me Baby, One More Time


The election is a twist in the sub/dom game of people Vs politics.

The UK population still divided and troubled by the Brexit referendum. We have learned how volatile the stock markets are, the value of the pound falling at any whiff of change. Our jobs, environment, health, education and culture are all at the mercy of a political and financial elite. We live in precarious times.

Trump trundles on, hell in a handcart – taking on North Korea, Iran, Russia, bombing Syrian citizens as an expression of his compassion towards them. We are on the brink of a global shit storm.

Yet, this appears to be the ideal time to hold a government election. On the one hand pledging an allegiance to Trump and an inevitable World War, on the other hand asking the UK voting population to vote for a stable government. Playing on fears that voting for a change to the chosen trajectory will upset the short-term sensitivities of panicked stock brokers and bomb-wielding tyrants.

The timing has the stink of a team of psychologists analysing the vulnerability to ignorance ratio of the masses, the measurement of populous anxiety. We have already been fed a sickly diet of fear politics from all sides of the Brexit debate and thrown into circumstances of great uncertainty, we have become involuntary clients of a dominatrix earning £ millions for each new pain on her menu.

This trajectory does not offer steady, none of the options do. A new government can only offer change, a coronation of the current one offers them a freedom to act with impunity.

I would not be surprised if most UK citizens have some element of everyday fear. The fear that the costs of food, transport, childcare, utilities and housing will rise out of any proportion to wages. Fear an already frazzled NHS and care for the vulnerable are disappearing. Fear our culture for giving a shit about ‘others’ is decaying like teabags in compost. Fear that ‘others’ will soon be most of us.

I want to share my understanding to those who want to vote for Theresa because they are scared of the alternative. I want to share my concern that more of the same offers no solution to our woes.

Meanwhile, I wonder what the Government will really be doing whilst we are distracted with an election?


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